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Rude Santa – a picture of seasonal popularity


Every year I get a blip in stats centered around this particular image. Its probably because I seem to have conquered Google for the search term “rude santa”. I’m not sure how I feel about that really – but typing in the aforementioned phrase into Google returns my image up in both number one and number three slots and a text link in number four spot. So I must be doing something right, even if it does look so so wrong.

In any case – this joyous picture of sleaz-sonal goodwill is now available for editorial licensing via my photoshelter account. Click the picture for the full licensing options. And a Merry Christmas to you all…

The Run Riot Trump Card concept


In early 2008 I came up with a Trump Card concept for the new Run Riot print zine that was about to be launched. The idea was like top trumps cards, but for the new art/party scene that was/is around. Every issue would feature an artist/performer along with a listing of their “abilities”. I only ever shot three images for it, and only have the first trump card that was run. But you get the idea…

The three portraits I shot were of Hot Breath Karaoke (outside their home), Dusty Limits (on his balcony) and Oh My God! I Miss You (in the Shunt Vaults).

Hold the front page!


Or something like that – I’ve just spent all day updating my press file. Basically it’s the majority of my published appearances all in one handy dandy place for you to view, so you’d better go look at it now and call me at 3am and tell me in a husky voice how beautiful it looks.

Thank you.

Thames Festival 2008


Here’s the best of my work from the Thames Festival 2008; from the Night Carnival,  to the Hay Fight, to Tango at the Tate, to the Whoopee Carnaval and more – you can also view it fullscreen

Remember kids, I work hard to make it all look hawt. Believe. If you want the same effect for your next event, get in touch…