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Aphrodisiacs Hot Sake Photos


Hot Sake! Though Sake is, of course, just as nice cold. Though on a breezy March evening I think I would most definately prefered my Sake hot. It was indeed a breezy March evening, but no sake for your estwhile photographer, too busy on camera duty. And yes indeed, here are the glorious results to […]

Design Museum Super Contemporary after party


On board The Harpy, moored just off Tower Bridge (not London Bridge, dontcha know) was the scene for a rather swizz little after party to celebrate the cerebral modern-design type happenings at the Design Museum. With the launch of the new Super Contemporary exhibition, what better way to mark it than with a right old […]

The Last Days of Decadence


I popped along on a typical Saturday night to see what the deal was at the swanky new Shoreditch retro glitz-o-rama that is The Last Days of Decadence. If you go out to the woods of East London today you’re sure to see what I saw….

Shanghai Tea at the Cellar Door


What better way to spend a lazy spring Saturday afternoon than deep underground in a converted loo with Chinese burlesque supremo Marianne Cheesecake. Self same loo now happens to have had quite the original makeover compared to it’s former occupation and serves jolly fine cocktails to boot. Cin cin.