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Hold the front page!


Or something like that – I’ve just spent all day updating my press file. Basically it’s the majority of my published appearances all in one handy dandy place for you to view, so you’d better go look at it now and call me at 3am and tell me in a husky voice how beautiful it […]

my work on the Southbank


If you were checking out the Thames Festival (13/14th Sept) you might have noticed these giant poster/map displays all over the Southbank. Titled “Rivers of the World”, one section of each display was given over to a handy map of the area with a giant photo on top. Quite a few of which were mine […]

a new start for KissMyPanties


good morning, good morning. and what a joyous morning it is. please standby (etc) whilst the redesign of my lovely little photographic parlor takes place. it’ll be all sorted in a week or so when you, yes YOU, you lucky reader, will be presented with the all new blogfolio of your esteemed (in certain circles) […]