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Category Archives: Editorial

Feminist Neo-Burlesque Symposium


I had to look up Symposium in the dictionary. I’m still not sure what it means. Anyway – I was there shooting the performances and backstage stuff at Feminist Neo-Burlesque one day critical exploration and performance presentation at Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. Here’s a tiny taste just for you…

Zombie Walk London


Just a few hits from a sunny September zombie walk in Central London. Advertised as a “flesh mob” I believe – oh how droll!

Eva Meinhof Portraits


New styles in portraiture. Some photographic experiments I have been undertaking with colour and motion in a structured portraiture environment.

Saltpeter Music Video Shoot (behind the scenes)


For once I was in front of the camera, but still couldn’t resist taking a few shots – how does that work exactly? Anyway – we all had a jolly nice time – and here’s some shots of Pia Arber, Johnny Woo, Ryan Styles, The Rubbish Men, et al.